Friday, January 25, 2008

Dream Interpretation Part II

But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6)

Thank you, all of you who submitted your heartfelt words of wisdom to me regarding my dream. This is truly what seeking truth in community is about and I have gleaned insights from all that you had to say.

I think I have received revelation about the root of it all. The simple gist of it was brought to me by a friend who is not a blogger but reads my blog. Not wanting to offend me, she timidly submitted two words the Lord had given her about my dream with the above scripture.

Contentment and Coveting.

Yes. I know.

Those things are in my heart.

It’s funny how they can be swimming around but we can’t quite grasp them and own them as our sin. But when the Lord gently points it out it becomes so real. He really sees us!

The Lord and I have a deal. I welcome His gentle correction…. the way He lets me know what is in my heart. And it’s getting easier and easier. Oh yes, when the big stuff comes up it does hurt. But the road to freedom is soooooo great that it is worth it. And it brings glory to God!

Often, the way he shows me is comical. Like the dream. I truly had fun with it. I knew God was trying to tell me something and it is nothing to be ashamed of because we are all the same. We are all but dust.

Isn’t our God Great??!!!

So I confess in the presence of you all that I own the sins of discontent and coveting. I repent of these heart attitudes and receive God’s forgiveness. I rebuke Satan for the ground he has taken in these areas and command him get away from me in Jesus name.

I ask the Lord to fill me with His Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with. I will take peace and security in all that you have given me, not lusting after the things of this world! You have given me a secure foundation with Kingdom treasure.


Livingsword said...

Hi Ruth;

Your genuineness and confession are winsome. If only we were to all be so bold in confessing our sins, thanks for the lesson….

Rob said...

I'll second that.

On another note (beware of ulterior motives!): tag--you're it! :)

Happy said...

NO FAIR. I was going to tag you... *sigh* Rob, you're such a brat. (j/k)

Okay, well... Hi, Ruth! :)

You were thought of twice today, anyway... sorry, still getting over the shock of finding Rob beat me to this. And it's *my* day off, not his! Anyway... thanks for sharing your revelation. I think that was very brave. And I'm glad you came to a bit of peace about knowing what the dream meant! :)