Friday, January 25, 2008

Dream Interpretation Part II

But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6)

Thank you, all of you who submitted your heartfelt words of wisdom to me regarding my dream. This is truly what seeking truth in community is about and I have gleaned insights from all that you had to say.

I think I have received revelation about the root of it all. The simple gist of it was brought to me by a friend who is not a blogger but reads my blog. Not wanting to offend me, she timidly submitted two words the Lord had given her about my dream with the above scripture.

Contentment and Coveting.

Yes. I know.

Those things are in my heart.

It’s funny how they can be swimming around but we can’t quite grasp them and own them as our sin. But when the Lord gently points it out it becomes so real. He really sees us!

The Lord and I have a deal. I welcome His gentle correction…. the way He lets me know what is in my heart. And it’s getting easier and easier. Oh yes, when the big stuff comes up it does hurt. But the road to freedom is soooooo great that it is worth it. And it brings glory to God!

Often, the way he shows me is comical. Like the dream. I truly had fun with it. I knew God was trying to tell me something and it is nothing to be ashamed of because we are all the same. We are all but dust.

Isn’t our God Great??!!!

So I confess in the presence of you all that I own the sins of discontent and coveting. I repent of these heart attitudes and receive God’s forgiveness. I rebuke Satan for the ground he has taken in these areas and command him get away from me in Jesus name.

I ask the Lord to fill me with His Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with. I will take peace and security in all that you have given me, not lusting after the things of this world! You have given me a secure foundation with Kingdom treasure.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream Interpretation Anyone?

I am exploring our "new" house that has already been purchased by my husband for top dollar. (why I wasn't part of the decision, I do not know) I am seeing it for the first time and I am absolutely horrified. It's an old old house, a tear down really. Why in world didn't he even get a house inspection done? It looks as if the floor boards are actually rotting! However, when I look outside, I see that the house is on a large and beautiful piece of property, which gives me some comfort.

Next, in pops a friend - one of the gang that we hang with - and announces that everyone in "the gang" has just purchased brand new condos with all the bells and whistles and they will now be living in blissful luxury together in the same complex. Upon hearing this news my heart drops as I think how we are to be left out of the luxury life while we stick it out in this tear down waiting to be able to afford to tear it down. And I wasn't even part of the decision!!!

End of dream.........

Ya think God's trying to tell me something here?

Maybe some kind of attitude adjustment is necessary on my part?

Or maybe I need to tell my husband he better not make any snappy decisions without me?

I see sooooo many messages here but I am not sure what the root is. There is so much to unpack.

So dear blogging friends and readers who happen by, I am inviting you to help me interpret this dream that I had last night - with wisdom from above of course. I would be appreciative of any insights you can offer.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Six "quirky"and "unimportant" things about me - The Meme

I have been tagged by Rachel to divulge 6 quirky things about me. Now I am normally a very cool and collected person who is rarely given over to any silliness. However, I am really trying to get over this aspect of me and come out of myself a little more. So this is my action step.
  1. My comfort food is macaroni and cheese with ketchup.
  2. I count by 3's if I can't get to sleep
  3. I pile my husband's junk on his side of the room and keep my side neat.
  4. I'm an armchair organizer.........I fantasize, read blogs, magazines etc. but I can't actually keep an organizing system.
  5. Even though I am an Accountant I am really bad with numbers.
  6. I used to work for a funky footwear retailer and I have a pair of these.

Now I tag Livingsword. I can hardly wait to hear his quirks.

The rules are as follows:Link to the person that tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.Tag six people and at the end of your post, link to their blogs.Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Throwing Caution To The Wind

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" Psalm 37:4

I am reading "Chasing Daylight - Seize The Power Of Every Moment" by Erwin McManus. I love inspirational books that hit the mark and this is right up my alley. Chapter 2 is about initiative and it is really speaking to me. I confess that I regularly get caught up on the merry-go-round of Passion - Initiative - Striving - Discouragement - Passivity I am looking for some perspective here.

I tend to be a cautious person. I will second guess myself and look around at what others are doing. Often, I have said to the Lord "show me exactly what to do because I don't want to drop the ball". However, it's now occurring to me that God wants me to take initiative and to take the risk. McManus says "Do what you know you should do, and you will know what to do. God clarifies in the midst of obedience, not beforehand."

He goes on to say "There is a direct relationship between passion and initiative. The more passionate you are, the more proactive you will tend to be (even if you boldly do the wrong thing). Here's where the dilemma lies: this can actually be paralyzing for a sincere follower of Jesus Christ. You don't want to passionately do the wrong thing. You desperately want to do what's on God's heart, not just on your own heart. Here's the liberating reality: when you are passionate about God, you can trust your passions. God uses our passions as a compass to guide us. To put it crassly, when you are madly in love with God, you can do whatever you want. I am convinced this may be the best contemporary translation of Psalm 37:4 "

This is soooooooo freeing to me! I can trust the desires of my heart!!!! I can throw caution to the wind!!! Oh yes I know that being grounded is still an important factor. And we really need to keep our good friend discernment around. And of course there is our ever present need for wise council. But this is RUTH talking here. I'm the Steady Eddy.......the responsible one. I think I have enough ingrained caution to take me down the road of WILD ABANDON without leaving too much of a mess behind.

I soooooooo do delight in the Lord and as McManus says "When we delight in God, we become anything but apathetic......These desires of our hearts are born out of the heart of God."

New Years Resolution.......... to live a life seizing divine moments, throwing caution to the wind.