Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream Interpretation Anyone?

I am exploring our "new" house that has already been purchased by my husband for top dollar. (why I wasn't part of the decision, I do not know) I am seeing it for the first time and I am absolutely horrified. It's an old old house, a tear down really. Why in world didn't he even get a house inspection done? It looks as if the floor boards are actually rotting! However, when I look outside, I see that the house is on a large and beautiful piece of property, which gives me some comfort.

Next, in pops a friend - one of the gang that we hang with - and announces that everyone in "the gang" has just purchased brand new condos with all the bells and whistles and they will now be living in blissful luxury together in the same complex. Upon hearing this news my heart drops as I think how we are to be left out of the luxury life while we stick it out in this tear down waiting to be able to afford to tear it down. And I wasn't even part of the decision!!!

End of dream.........

Ya think God's trying to tell me something here?

Maybe some kind of attitude adjustment is necessary on my part?

Or maybe I need to tell my husband he better not make any snappy decisions without me?

I see sooooo many messages here but I am not sure what the root is. There is so much to unpack.

So dear blogging friends and readers who happen by, I am inviting you to help me interpret this dream that I had last night - with wisdom from above of course. I would be appreciative of any insights you can offer.


Erin said...

Here's my take...and I just met you so I'm just flying by HS here...

Are you feeling excluded from/jealous about something that you have no control over? Not necessarily anything to do with housing, your husband or your friends. Could be anything.

But maybe the point is building something from scratch is meant for you at this time? Might end up being more fulfilling?

You don't have to answer those...just food for thought.

Happy said...

Ruth - I'll be praying for you to be able to sort it out... I have a few ideas kicking around my head but I'm NOT sure if they're from the Lord or not, so I will simply pray for a bit, and if I feel I have anything to share I'll pop round again and let ya know. I have a couple of dreams I'm turning over right now too, trying to figure them out, so I appreciate where you are in terms of wanting to get at what God's trying to tell you. :) You said you saw a number of messages in the dream already - can you share any of those? just curious. :)

praying for you!

Ruth said...

Hi Erin, it's good to have you stop by. Thanks for the insight - what you said resonates.

That feeling of being left out is familar to me as well as discontent. I think they are two roots that the Lord wants to pull out of me.

Please come back again sometime.

Ruth said...

Hi Happy - I'm looking forward to hearing your heart on this.

The messages that I see are the obvious ones from the scenario - being critical, not trusting my husband, materialism, following the world, jealousy, wanting to be in control......Wow, there is really a lot there!!

The thing that is piercing me is that all those feelings are very familiar to me and I know they have to go. But I know enough about the walk of freedom to know that I can't just "decide" to do better. I need to repent. But I think there is a root that goes down deeper than these "bad fruits".

Does that make sense? It is the deeper root that I am searching for - the one that all of these branch from.

Rachel said...

Hi Ruth! I'm going to weigh in too, though please feel free to say so if I'm completely off the mark! :-)

What I have learned about dreams is that they are usually about us, and that often a house represents ourselves. You mentioned that the grounds and the outside are great and you can see lots of potential exept for this house you have been forced into accepting.

Do you feel like you have suddenly come face to face with a part of yourself that you are not happy with? That it seems like everyone else has the whole package while you feel like you are now aware of an area that doesn't (to you at least) measure up?

Just a thought! I'll be interested to see what conclusions you come to!

Ruth said...

Rachel - thanks for your thoughts on my dream. That is interesting that the house can represent myself. This is not the first dream I have had about a house.

I will ponder that in my spirit and see what the Lord reveals.

Happy said...

This is just a thought, and probably draws more from my own experiences, but I was thinking about those rotten floorboards, and about what Jesus said about building your house (you!) on rock instead of sand, and I'm wondering - are there thoughts or feelings you wrestle with that you would consider almost foundational to who you are that maybe aren't God's truth about you? Hurts that need to be repaired, thoughts that need to be restructured, things that will take time?

And one other thought - also from Matthew 5-7 - the "luxury life" comes with its own brand of loneliness... and so does the "easy" road. So while in your dream it *looked* appealing - I think you got the better house. For what it's worth. :)

Ruth said...

Thanks Happy for your input - I know what you mean about repairing hurts and restructuring thoughts - that's why the name of your blog got my attention.
I think you are on to something with getting the "better house" - it's about Kingdom values.

Thanks everyone for your insights and prayers. I am overwhelmed! Please see my next post for my response.

Livingsword said...

Hi Ruth;

That my friend is not a dream…it is a nightmare!!!!

Try reading something dull and boring just before bed, and no I don’t mean my blogs…which are not dull or boring since my dear wife post some cool photos…

Whatever you don’t look at any news to do with the current property problems in the States….

Ruth said...

Hi LS,

You're right (LOL), this was a nightmare not a dream! This is not the first time I have had a comical but harried scenario in my dream that has pointed something profound out to me. I think the Lord really has a sense of humour.

free dream interpretation said...

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