Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Try This at Home!!!

Rob at The Spyglass turned me onto word clouds at Wordle. It was really easy to do. I just copied and pasted my post about church family and POOF I got this artistic creation. I entitled it "Love One Another".

I'm disapointed that I could only get a small version to display. To see a larger version click here It takes a couple of seconds to come up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Did It! I Did It!!!!

I finally finished my One Year Bible!

Okay so I was on the 18 month plan but I'm still soooooo proud of myself. I have actually read the whole bible!

Well..... I might have skipped over a few begets and sped read through the endless descriptions of how many cubits of this and that were incorporated into the building of the temple. But all in all, I covered the most of it and absorbed much of it.

Although, I had read and studied much of the bible already over the years, there were lots of places that I had never been before. Like Malachi. I really liked Malachi. And Ezra. And then there's Jude, and all the Johns.

Also, it's much more meaningful when it's read in chronological order. I understand the history of the Israelites so much better now. With 'The One Year Bible', you are given readings in order each day from each of the OT, the NT, Psalms and Proverbs. I was amazed at how often, the reading in the NT or Psalms would be talking about something in the reading of the OT.

I totally recommend it to anyone. If you start now you can take the 18 month plan as well and be done by December 2009. Then when you say you've finished 'The One Year Bible' people will think you actually did it in a year. It will just be our little secret.