Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun with sitemetre

I've been having fun with sitemetre now that I finally got one for myself. It's so awesome to see that people are stopping by from all over the world! Not too many Canadians though - other than my own personal lurkers who know me in real life and my fellow blogging Canuck from across the country , Valorosa. I wonder where all the Canadian bloggers are?

The Google searches really get me. I tend to use a lot of cliches and catchy little phrases in my writing and titles so I come up on searches for them. But who would have thought that my little blog would come up on a search for nose booger dream interpretation??? Just check it out for yourself!

I wonder what that person was really looking for? It just seems so random. Anyways - if you comeback, I'm glad you found me. Stop in and say hi.