Friday, August 8, 2008

So..... I'm a 40 year old House Wife/Mom/Accountant. Who would have thunk that trapped inside was a Guitar Totin' Rock Star just waiting to get out????

A couple of weeks ago my 11 year old daughter spent her birthday money on Guitar Hero III. I picked this guitar up and started to strum along to some of the old favorites and before you know it I'm a MOM THAT ROCKS!!

I can't wait until my next chance to pick up that guitar. I wake up with Pearl Jam running through my head!!! I am determined to beat Lou!!!!

And I was reigning champion on Barracuda - the best rock and roll song of all time - 11 year old daughter took my spot on the best score.

I have to concede - she is way better than me. She has never even heard these songs before. But her eye hand coordination is amazing. It makes me wonder. Even though I am older and wiser and I know way more than her, she can think faster than me. Is that cause my brain is 40 years old and and hers is 11? Is my brain deteriorating or is it that I have way too much in it that it's getting bogged down like when the computer gets over loaded with programs? I would like to think the latter. I think I'm going to stop thinking so much.


Christy said...

That's funny. I asked for Guitar Hero for Christmas, but hubby didn't like it. I think he might be warming up to it, so who knows, maybe I'll be rocking this Christmas! ;0)

Ruth said...

Hi Christy - welcome back!

If you can get past the nasty characters and backgrounds, it really is a lot of fun. But it's pretty addictive so be prepared!

Valorosa said...


Rock on Ruth !!

Delirious said...

My psychologist nephew said it's "cognitive flexibility" that we lose as we age. I think that's why so many old people get set in their ways. lol

volkmar1108 said...

It's an affront to basic fairness when our kids can out-do our rock & roll-ness...and they weren't even in our imagination when we were first "doing it". ;o)


Ruth said...

Welcome Tom! I'm glad you stopped by.

wanting more said...

My husband has been begging for a he has to ask me!!! We played at a friend's house, and he rocked the house...I wonder how I'd do!
Rock on Mama!!!

dustin said...

I love guitar hero! I don't have a system to play it, but every chance I get I'm on it! I love playing AFI, Weezer and the Pearl Jam ones.

Livingsword said...

Hi Ruth;

How is your 11 year old daughter at accounting?



jennyhope said...