Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is me in grade nine, baby....

This is me in grade nine, baby, this is me in grade nine.
This is me in grade nine, baby, this is me in grade nine.
I've got a blue-and-red Adidas bag and a humongous binder,
I'm trying my best not to look like a minor niner. - The Barenaked Ladies

Yes - this is me in grade 9. It looks like I was too cool to smile. I think I was just worried about having a dorky smile and I was trying to be cool.....we all were.

My Adidas bag was two tone brown. I had Nike swoosh runners and French Jeans. And the perm of course.

Last night we had a blast at the Bearnaked Ladies concert. It was a small venue with only 1000 seats. My only disappointment was that they didn't play "Grade 9"'s my favorite.

We purchased the tickets to the sold out show back in December. Some friends managed to get only 8 tickets and before my hubby and I heard about it they were all snapped up. We still wanted to go so we got some tickets a few rows over. At the time, I was deeply disappointed to be left out and wrote about it here.

It seems silly now.....everything worked out. We still had a great time with our friends. We met for dinner, enjoyed the show and hung out after. However, I'm glad I recorded my initial reaction of being in the depths of despair. It helps me to see where I've come from......and where I am now.

What colour was your Adidas bag?


Rob said...

For my part, I was so far out of the social stream, it wasn't even funny. I didn't quite define the word "hopeless," but I was pretty darn close.

On a completely different note, why is Canadian popular music so much cooler (group for group, anyway) than US popular music?

Mike said...

I was a total dork in school. Good thing I got over it....
I think I did anyway


Ruth said...

You guys are funny...I think we all spend the rest of our lives trying to get over our high school years.

Is Canadian music cooler? Maybe cause its more low key. Until they sell out.

Happy said...

i had a knock-off sports bag - don't remember the brand name... but it was a pale blue with grey trim, and one of the pockets was plastic - for your wet swimsuit. so of course i joined the swim club so i had a use for the bag other than carting clothes for dance class to and from school. (yes, dance class - it was an elective that enabled you to get out of gym class - who wouldn't want to be a dancer?) :)

Livingsword said...

Hey R!

Look at that hair! You were cool (you still are)!!!

I think there isn’t one good school photo of me, I will take a look the next time I visit my mom and check out her shrine to me…..

Was it a typo or did you say “Bearnaked Ladies” on purpose…?

Where did they play?

I’m not big on their music myself but CG likes them….

My Adidas bag was dark blue with red on it…

We had a thing that guys had to wear dark colored Adidas runners and only girls should wear white….

Ruth said...

LS - Typo you say!!? I hate Typos because I hate to make a mistake - something I really need to get over. And yes it is a typo.

The BAREnaked ladies played at the Red Robinson Theatre. So Chocoate Girl likes them? Somehow I'm not surprised. I think we are a lot alike. Must be the German heritage.