Sunday, March 30, 2008

God Bless America!!

10. Toilet seat protectors

9. All you can eat buffets

8. Churros

7. Funnel cakes

6. Mega shoe store shopping

5. Theme parks that can accommodate the population of a small country in a singe day

4. Shamu

3. Disney Princesses

2. Parades

And Our #1 California Experience................................

California Screamin' !!!!!


Mike said...

Sweet Coaster!!

jON said...

big fan of OCB. big fan.

JimmyBob said...

God bless you Ruth! Disneyland - California is one of my family's favorite spots on earth. It only takes us about 6 hours to drive there. Last summer we rode California Screamin for the first time. Nice ride.

Ruth said...

I bet you Americans take for granted the little blessings that your country has to offer, such as toilet seat protectors in public washrooms and OCB.(I learned a new acronym)

Yes we have buffets in Canada but they are usually at golf courses and cost $40 a person. My kids thought they died and went to heaven with the icecream machine.

Mike ~ you look kinda scary. If I didn't know you were such a pussycat I might run away.

Welcome Jimmybob! I'm glad you popped over for a lookyloo. Please join us again.

Yes the California Screamin' was the best ride I have ever been on in my life! It wasn't even that scary because it is sooooo smooth. My 7 year old went on twice in her Minnie Mouse Dress. The little daredevil.

Our local roller coaster at the PNE is one of the few original wooden ones. There is nothing strapping you in and it looks like it's going to collapse any minute. Now that's scary.

Mike said...

Thanks Ruth. That's my work face. I have many you know.

Susan said...

I'm an Aussie so excuse my ignorance, but what's an OCB?

Ruth said...

Hi Susan - I love Aussies!I read your comment with an accent in my head.

OCB stands for Old Country Buffet. They tend to be in American malls and for a relatively cheap price you can eat as much as you want.

Delirious said...

You won't believe this, but I live in California and have never been to Disneyland! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Ruth said...

Hi Delirious - welcome! I can't believe you've never been to Disneyland! HAve you been to Vancouver, Canada before?

Prodigal Jon said...

Ruth -
Thanks so much for the good feedback on my blog. I really do appreciate you taking such a thoughtful, deliberate interest and your words help me sharpen and be intentional in how I write.

Ruth said...

Welcome Prodigal Jon - I'm honored that you stopped by! Thank you for your kind response.

I just love getting my daily dose over at Stuff Christians Like.

I hope to see your book and anything else that comes out of it a success.

Ruth said...

Just in case anyone is wondering....that lady at the end of the video is NOT me.

jennyhope said...

LOL! I love the whole seat protector things. Hey what you said really spoke to me today. Rarely to I blog about something that I am not going through myself. I have felt like that with my school stuff just overwhelmed. I could go on and on but it would only bore you. I got all of the laundry done and my husband came to me complaining over the collars of his shirts (since I have to hang dry his shirts they are never right) anyway, I about started crying over that!! =) One of those days.

Ruth said...

Hey Jenny - thanks for stopping by. I so enjoy your writing and the pictures of your little cutie pie always brighten my day!

Yes I can tell your writing has a definite heart connection to what you are saying. That's what makes it so powerful.

I find that whole proverbs 31 ideal a bit hard to swallow sometimes, especiallly since women can error on the side of doing too much instead of too little. But somehow your words along the the Joyce Meyer broadcast rang true for me.

I think it's a matter of prioritizing the things I do and having a heart attitude change to do those things with a joyful heart. As well, I need to be realistic about how much I can actually accomplish and drop some of those todos on my list.

If there is one important lesson that I have learned in the past ten years its to ruthlessly get rid of clutter in my mind so that I can be present for the moment. If that means I have to accomplish less or lower my standards for myself then so be it. Have you seen my post entitled I want it all and I want it now?

Delirious said...

Hi Ruth,
Yes, I made my first trip to Vancouver a couple of years ago. My husband was there on business and I tagged along. I spent most of my day there in china town :)

I noticed your comment on Livingsword's blog about the origin of the bible. I just happened to post some links to some LDS articles about this subject on my blog. They were written for a Mormon audience, so do have some Mormon references occasionally, but I think the research done was very good. :)

Ruth said...

Hi Delirious - thanks for letting me know about the information regarding the origin of the bible that you posted. I will check it out.

So you've spent time in Vancouver's China town. My chinese friend takes me to her favorite spots sometimes. She does all the talking for us when we shop. I like those little buns with the coconut inside. Yum.

Delirious said...

Okay..I must have had a brain occurred to me today that it wasn't Vancouver, it was Toronto....I'm really not as old as I act. ;)

Ruth said...

That's funny. It's kind of like me getting Los Angeles and New York mixed up. But I can understand how it can happen.

Nate said...

Hey Ruth,
Been out a while, life has been hell. But I would like to continue the conversation on sin at something else. I will comment today, and look forward to your input.