Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm honored

i am truly honored that my friend Livingsword has awarded me with this much coveted award. i feel undeserving right now because i have been so neglectful of my blog. however, i will endeavor to live up to the potential that livingsword sees in me and get back to it.

stay tuned to read more grains of truth that hopefully "hit the mark"!


Max said...

Hey Ruth,

Congratulations!!!! You sure deserve it *bowing*!

Yes, we have been missing you; however we understand life...
Whenever you post, we'll be here to support you :).

Cheers (and congrats, once again)

Livingsword said...

Hi Ruth;

It is a well deserved award; it would help if your friends would help you the way they said they would …shame on them!

I really do enjoy reading your articles and comments!

Ruth said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the encouragement!