Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Doing It!

After my last post, where I told my self to just stop thinking about The Love Dare and "just do it", I visited the 40 Day Love Dare blogspot where Jennifer and Eric were just finishing their 40 days. Near the end of her post, Jennifer writes:

"If you haven't started the Love Dare, just do it! It will change your marriage and just maybe your life."

Can you believe that? Is that's not a bit fat Holy Spirit nudge or what? It certainly made me think for a minute that God is totally behind this and the time is right.

I got my Friday morning group of ladies on board and we're all doing this together. We watched the movie "Fire Proof" together and then picked a date to start.

We're on day 14 and the biggest change has been in me. Each day gives me something new to think about, a new approach to relating to my husband, and of course an action to take. Sometimes it's hard to carry out a particular task on that day so I go back and check it off when I've done it a few days later. Feels like a scavenger hunt.

I realize that I have been quite hard hearted and self protective in my marriage. I find it hard to be vulnerable and give of myself and I'm not quite sure why. But, I'm taking this one day at a time and I'm trusting that the Lord is in this with us.


Stan Bush said...

Hi... I saw your post on Eric and Jennifer Garcia's "40 Day Love Dare" blog. Thought I'd visit your blog too! How are you ladies coming along? I think I saw where in August you were on day 14? TODAY was my day 14, and it's been quite an eye opener...and a chance to count my blessings. Cya on the net!

Ruth said...

Hi Stan - thanks for popping by. We're on day 23. I'm gearing up for another post soon about how it's going.

Your blog looks pretty slick. Looks like you know what you're doing. You seem genuine so I'll be checking in.

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