Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Touched By The Fathers Love!; In the Palm of His Hand

I'm participating in Daveda's invitation to join her in sharing our stories of being touched by God's love. Daveda says "knowing the love and favor of our Father, is most definitely worthy of praise and a thankful heart. I hope you will join us." I agree. I love to hear stories of God's presence in the lives of others. It builds my faith.

I have posted this story before, over a year ago and it's my most popular post. It seems a lot of people google search about being in the palm of God's hand and find their way to my story. This story is what sealed the deal for me that God is truly a personal God and knows me intimately.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

A few years ago, God spoke to me through a painting. He put my whole life into perspective and securely anchored my soul.

When my second daughter was a little over a year old, and the oldest one four, my husband and I made the decision not to have any more children. We were happy with the size of our family and wanted to move on with our lives. However, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss for the chance to have a son as well and hold a baby of my own one more time.

Oddly, this decision led me to think about getting a piano. Since I had two girls I definitely wanted them to play the piano. I found a beautiful 1918 converted player piano that looked lovely in our home. I dug out my old music books and began to tinker with tunes long-forgotten. As my fingers found their familiar place on the keys, it brought me back to my early teenage years, before the solitary disciplines of music were put aside for a social life.

The music opened up a longing and a passion in me that had been sitting dormant. A grieving in my heart emerged for the loss of my own identity because, in the years that followed, fitting in with the crowd became my priority. I learned to put on a new face for each area of my life, and lost my own. I began to wonder how things might be different now had I made other choices then. My heart was wavering with insecurity and the music was bringing it to the surface.

Having the piano in my home reminded me of a print I had seen years earlier. It depicts a young girl playing a striking grand piano. Her eyes are interlocked with her little sister’s, whose hand is perched on the keyboard. I remembered standing in the art store 15 years earlier, the picture tugging at my heartstrings as I admired the soft pink dresses and the black patent shoes. I remembered thinking at the time, “If I ever have girls, I am getting this picture.”

When I popped into an art store in the mall and described the painting, the clerk knew it right away. It was a well-known painting by Greg Olsen, entitled “Dress Rehearsal”. She said it could be ordered in as a framed special and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to buy it. That seemed good to me since the idea of picking out matting and a frame seemed overwhelming to a perfectionist like me. When it arrived, it was more than I could have imagined, beautifully framed to match my home.

As that picture hung in my living room its significance became apparent. For one thing, it was uncanny how much the two girls in the picture looked like my own. The hair and facial features were the same for each girl. Although the girls in the picture were a little older their age difference matched. In fact, as my youngest has grown up, she is convinced that it is her in the picture and wants to know where the pretty dress is that she was wearing!

Then God spoke to me in my heart. He got my attention with that picture and He told me about my life.

“Your life is in the palm of my hand”.

"I saw your longing in that art store years ago and I have given you the desire of your heart. "

"Everything now is meant to be. "

Do not regret anything, because your life circumstances have brought you your husband, your children and your identity. Don’t worry about not having any more children, because everything is good as it is.”

As it began to sink in, this message brought me an incredible peace and security. My marriage and relationships improved because of my secure heart. I was somehow different and it showed.

You may wonder how I can be so sure it was God who spoke to me. It’s hard to put into words but it’s like having knowledge in your mind all at one time that you know you didn’t make up yourself.

It’s like having a dream with the story all laid out before you and all you do is observe, not remembering how it came into your mind.

It’s like how you know when a puzzle piece fits.

The Bible says, “My sheep hear my voice.” I just knew that this was the Lord’s voice and not my own. I have always had a faith in God but He became so real then. He was actually involved in my very life and thoughts!

A couple of years later, God gave me a reminder and a confirmation of His message to me. I went forward for prayer at a church conference, and the person who prayed for me said, “God has you in the palm of His hand.” It was good to know I was still on the right track.


Daveda said...

I am so glad you are joining us this week and are sharing your story. Oh, what a wonderful story it is.

When the Lord speaks to our hearts, it is not easily put into words is it? It's just a knowing deep inside...and, it's unquestionable to us - we indeed DID hear Him.

I love having the opportunity to share a piece of your life and heart.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Heather of S-A-M said...

What a fantastic testimony girl! I completely understand your meaning of a 'knowing.' You just know when you know that it's totally Him and not you.

I love all this identity talk! The Lord has been placing that on my heart much lately. I'm so grateful for it! Means He's opening my spiritual eyes to something He needs or wants me to see.

Isn't it glorious to know we are so loved we are in the palm of His hand. Praise You Lord!!!

Loved the sharing!


Ruth said...

Thank you Heather. And welcome to my blog! You're is about identity. When God tells us who we are we can rest in that and be secure. It changes us. We become more like who we are and drop the junk.

I'll come check out your story.

fraizerbaz said...

That is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it. Loved the sweet painting, too!

Ruth said...

Hi Fraizerbaz - glad you came to visit.

Christy said...

It's such a sweet moment when you realize you've heard and felt the voice of God!

Ruth said...

Thank you Christy....I needed that reminder today.