Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Podcasts

Another place I like to tune into for podcasts is The God Journey with Brad Cummings and Wayne Jacobson. These guys basically banter about their own journey of losing the religious spirit and engaging in an authentic relationship with God. They make us think about things differently. They are fun and refreshing and I always come away feeling just a little bit lighter.

I'd love to hear of other good sites to listen in on. Leave me a link if you know of any.


Valorosa said...

Thanks Ruth ...

Rich said...


There's some great listening at
as well over at
as well as over at

Ruth said...

Thanks Rich - I will definitely check it out.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Your profile says one of your fave movies is "What about Bob?" And a fellow Canadian too? You and I will get along just great!