Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Random Things That Make Me Happy

I've been tagged by Rob to divulge the above to anyone interested. I find this fun and of course love learning random things about other people as well. So here goes....

  1. My Timmys (that would be Tim Hortons coffee for the non-Canadians)
  2. My children's laughter
  3. My husband's sense of humor
  4. An afternoon spent reading a good book
  5. Presents!! (receiving and giving)
  6. Compliments (ditto)
  7. Blogging (with Timmys)
  8. Writing a great post.
  9. Snuggling
  10. Pink cherry trees in bloom


Rob said...

Lovely . . . does it make me less spiritual that I really wanted to be called by the church in Port Huron, MI, in part because they have Tim Horton's there?

Anyway, for cracking me up, you have the next adjective.

Happy said...

lol...yes, Rob, it does - because we know *you* weren't longing for Tim Horton's for the coffee...

But we'll forgive you, because you wanted to go to Michigan.

Ruth - excellent list, my kindred spirit. :)

Erin said...

Hi Ruth - If it's OK, I need an e-mail address to send your invite for the new Apples to Apples blog. You can e-mail me at erinword at gmail dot com.